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Sports Creatives Podcast: Washington's Brian Bowsher

Guest Brian Bowsher, Washington
32:43 min listen
Brian Bowsher, Associate Athletic Director, Chief Marketing Officer for Washington, joins Jay F. Hicks on the Sports Creatives Podcast. The pair discuss the relationship between the core values of the institutions and the creative and marketing teams, Bowsher’s vision for leading both units and the synergies created through dual leadership, his creative leadership philosophy and “leading with context”, the Fun Dodger Creative rebrand of the internal creative unit and more.


2:54 – What does Washington’s core value of “Experimentation and Innovation” look like within the creative and marketing teams?
7:57 – How does the core value of “People Development” influence how you lead the marketing and creative teams?
13:11 – How does your leadership of creative and marketing allow your team to better tell the UW story?
20:17 – How does your title as Chief Marketing Officer impact your leadership philosophy?
26:07 – What was the creative transition between former Head Football Coach Chris Peterson and new Head Coach Jimmy Lake like?
29:59 – Who is the best either leader or creative leader you’ve been around? And why?