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Sports Creatives Podcast: Alabama State's Jennifer Lynne Williams

Guest Jennifer Lynne Williams, Alabama State
26:25 min listen
Alabama State Director of Athletics Jennifer Lynne Williams joins Jay F. Hicks on the Sports Creatives Podcast. The duo discuss  Williams’ use of social, her philosophy on telling the Alabama State and HBCU story, the impact of her communications background, lessons in leading digital and much more.


2:48 – As an Athletic Director, how do you go about using social media?
4:46 – How do you work to strike the balance between your personal brand, your personal life and the brand of Alabama State athletics?
8:50 – What is your philosophy on telling the HBCU and Alabama State story using digital and social?
11:42 – How do you lead your strategic communications team given your background in communications?
15:06 – What went into the recent redesign and rebrand of the Alabama State athletics website?
18:09 – How do you inspire your external team to be innovative and not be afraid to fail?
20:33 – Who are you inspirations to create the culture you have fostered at Alabama State?
23:36 – What is the biggest thing you’ve learned in terms of leading, guiding and directing the strategic and digital, from where you started to where you are right now?