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How Does The FCC’s Deregulation Of Net Neutrality Impact College Athletics?

A post-net neutrality world will likely trigger two highly intertwined events. First, access to the Internet in general might be reduced and access to specific content on the Internet may cost consumers more. Second, the dominant broadband providers (e.g., Comcast) stand to benefit most from this arrangement. Imagine being a Verizon customer with no alternative provider and being forced to use Yahoo (which Verizon owns) instead of Google for search or email. Perhaps Verizon could allow you to access Google after watching a 30-second ad. Or, perhaps Verizon could charge an additional fee (kind of like a tariff) to access Google.

Leading Amid Change: Alabama’s Greg Byrne and Illinois’ Josh Whitman

Athletic Directors Greg Byrne (Alabama) and Josh Whitman (Illinois), sit down with ADU to discuss staying abreast to the ever changing landscape of intercollegiate athletics and the variety of stakeholders who depend on its success. Byrne and Whitman touch on the challenges of focusing on (and executing) a strategic plan, while trying not to get caught up in day-to-day operations. People, communication, organization are just a few of the key components necessary to lead while keeping an ear to the ground for changes in the future.

From The Chair Hosted By Mike Hamilton: Minnesota’s Mark Coyle

In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Mark Coyle, Director of Athletics at University of Minnesota. Coyle discusses how his experiences working in multiple FBS conferences helped shape his style and leadership philosophy. Having hired three football coaches to three different institutions in a span of six years, Coyle relays a healthy understanding of the uniqueness of every search process. The conversation also delves into the transition from Deputy AD to taking on the responsibility as the Director of Athletics.

Event Cancellation: What Is A Game Worth To Your Institution?

No matter the amount, football revenue is the lifeblood of countless collegiate athletic departments. The loss of even one game – especially a home contest – can have serious financial consequences. For some institutions, however, what could have been a significant loss of revenue and/or additional expenses as the result of game disruption were mitigated by event cancellation policies, which insures revenue/expenses against inclement weather and other “exposures."

Omaha’s Brittany Lange: The Opportunity Of Sudden Leadership

How do you respond when your entire organization suddenly looks to you for leadership? Nebraska Omaha's Brittany Lange became the youngest head coach in college basketball at the age of 26. Her story teaches us how to successfully navigate the difficulties of interim leadership.

Athletic Director In Residence: Barry Alvarez – Wisconsin

Barry Alvarez, Director of Athletics at Wisconsin, discusses empowering each sport administrator with the responsibility of having a "short list" of viable and qualified candidates in the case of head coaching vacancy. On the topic of the communicating with staff, Coach Alvarez talks about the importance of every role on staff and communicating his expectations in a clear and direct manner, just as he did when he was leading the Badgers’ football program. Additional topics covered include recruiting, an AD’s relationship with his/her President/Chancellor, leadership styles, staff evaluation and advancement, the future of the industry and mor

Commissioner’s Corner: Jon Steinbrecher – Mid-American Conference

Leading a conference which celebrates it's unique position in college athletics, Jon Steinbrecher has kept the Mid-American Conference visible, as well as stable for the last decade. His combination of creativity, knowledge of social media, financial acumen, and a healthy understaning of the nuances of leadership in intercollegiate athletics have helped to create and maintain a successful environment for the members of the conference. Steinbrecher took some time out of his schedule to contribute to this edition of ADU's Commissioner's Profile

Issues Of Race In College Athletics

Dr. Leonard Moore, Vice President of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Texas, reviews the challenging, yet necessary conversation about race in college athletics. Addressing issues ranging from the lack of diversity of senior administrative leaders to the process of recruiting and post-graduation outcomes, Moore provides insight on a perspective of college athletics rarely publicly discussed.

Successful Athletic Director-Head Coach Partnerships: UMBC’s Tim Hall, Ryan Odom, and Phil Stern

Analyzing the relationship between coaches and athletics directors, ADU visited with UMBC to speak with AD Tim Hall, MBB Head Coach Ryan Odom, and WBB Head Coach Phil Stern to discuss the aspects necessary for a synergistic environment to exist. While Hall emphasizes the need for AD’s to ask questions to determine what is needed for success, both Odom and Stern emphasized trust in the relationship as a necessary driver for cohesiveness. Moderated by Jason Belzer.

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Jacksonville State’s John Grass on Whole Person Development

With a 90% win percentage and a 31 game conference winning streak, few coaches have dominated the sport of college football over the last four years like Jacksonville State's John Grass. In this episode of the Dynamic Leadership Podcast, Coach Bob Walsh visits with John Grass, head football coach at Jacksonville State University. Coach Grass goes deep as he talks about minimizing the discussion on winning or losing and maximizing the focus on developing the whole person....himself included.

Why College Football TV Ratings Rest In The Hands Of Gamblers

This article argues that conferences and athletic departments are benefiting from consumer availability to gamble on college football. While conferences and athletic departments do not directly collect revenues from this market, they instead indirectly receive them from the sale of broadcasting rights – a product that sees its value elevated due to the demand for sports wagering and the subsequent consumer interest in viewing the outcomes of these wagers in real time.

Leveraging Men’s Basketball Success: FGCU’s Kavanagh & Belmont’s Corley

Ken Kavanagh, Director of Athletics at Florida Gulf Coast, and Scott Corley, Director of Athletics at Belmont sit down with 2D Consulting's Trip Durham to discuss how success on the basketball court helped their respective athletic programs as a whole. Kavanagh outlines how FGCU’s trip to the 2013 Sweet 16 led to a number of benefits for the relatively new institution, while Corley notes using continued success as a driver to provide ongoing resources for his programs in Nashville.

From The Chair Hosted By Mike Hamilton: Georgetown’s Lee Reed

In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Lee Reed, Director of Athletics at Georgetown University. Reed explains his motto of “Student-Athlete driven, Coach centered, Administrator assisted.” He goes into depth on the impact of his time spent away from college sports, managing a portfolio of McDonalds restaurants. This wide ranging conversation also touches on recent head coaching hires, making the decision to accept a new position, the reasons he attends the NACDA Convention, and the people in the industry who had the biggest influence on his career.

College Football Coaches And Social Media

And this is where we find ourselves, confronting a reality in which college football coaches have unprecedented opportunity to shape message delivery and create a persona which is less about wins and losses, and more about attracting today’s attention-challenged recruits and deep-pocketed boosters who keep programs vibrant. Yet, many coaches seem hesitant to adopt available social tools. Since they are the public face, or CEO, of their football program, often more recognizable than their athletic director bosses, they have the ability to stand out in a crowded landscape of messages and brands.

Daniel Parker: Men’s Basketball Head Coach Mock Interviews

"The interview" can range from an intimidating pressurized drill session to a personable enlightening conversation. Preparation is what separates those who do well from those who falter. But even with preparation, the fit may or may not be there. In the two videos below, Daniel Parker of Parker Executive Search conducts mock interviews with Bob Walsh, Head Basketball Coach at Maine, and Tavaras Hardy, Assistant Coach at Georgia Tech.

Athletic Director In Residence: Dr. Derrick Gragg – Tulsa

Dr. Derrick Gragg, Vice President & Director of Athletics at Tulsa, goes into depth on a number of topics including the differences in leading a department at public vs. private institutions, the importance of disengaging periodically, and his thoughts on the Vice President title for an AD. On the topic of the future of the AD role, Gragg mentions the importance of engaging and listening to current Student-Athletes.

Crisis in Confidence: Academics In Collegiate Athletics

At the very least, there needs to be a redefining of what constitutes substantial academic assistance. This redefinition should be in terms of how much assistance need be given in an individual case and, more so, in recognizing a systemic failure as constituting substantial assistance without regard to the proofs as to the extent of assistance in individual cases.

Florida’s Scott Stricklin On Servant Leadership

Understanding that great experiences start internally, Scott Stricklin, Director of Athletics at Florida, explains the importance of investing in the people on his staff. Touching on topics such as change and communication, Stricklin gives a quick glimpse of his view on leadership.

By The Numbers: College Football Coach Payouts

At the outset, it is important to clarify that a payout represents a potential, rather than a given or fixed, cost. Therefore, the value of a payout is more appropriately considered not by its potential cost to one party, but instead by the benefits derived by both parties to the contract, net of its likely cost. Before jumping to any conclusion about the reasonableness of these amounts, it is important to consider the context and circumstances that drive many of the decisions about payouts. To provide such context, we reviewed the long-form contracts for the head football coaches at fifty Power 5 institutions. From this group, we analyzed payout provisions for out-years in each contract.

From The Chair Hosted By Mike Hamilton: Clemson’s Dan Radakovich

In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Dan Radakovich, Director of Athletics at Clemson University. Radakovich talks about how a note on a napkin from his football coach led to a new athletics facility. He also speaks on how important it is for athletic administrators to support coaches by giving the coach the resources needed to be successful. Also, as he serves his final year on the College Football Playoff selection committee, Radakovich identifies what he believes to be the reason why the current system is better than previous football championship structures.

Stony Brook’s Heilbron Talks Hiring Staff With NIU’s Frazier & App State’s Gillin

Doug Gillin, AD at Appalachian State and Sean Frazier, AD at Northern Illinois discuss hiring staff. Peeking inside the mind of fellow ADs, Shawn Heilbron of Stony Brook moderates a conversation with Frazier and Gillin on the intricacies of filling positions within their respective departments. The discussion covers a wide range including advice to young professionals who are applying for jobs in athletics or any other industry.

Experts’ Roundtable: Chiefs of Staff

In general, a Chief of Staff provides a buffer between a Chief Executive and that executive's direct-reporting team. The Chief of Staff generally works behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes, and deal with issues before they bubble up to the Chief Executive. In this Experts' Roundtable, ADU reached out to a few who serve in the unique position of Chief of Staff to find out about the intricacies of holding such a title. This includes insight from the athletics department view, perspective from a president's office, and thoughts from someone who serves in the role within a football office.

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Temple’s Fran Dunphy On Success

Fran Dunphy, Men’s Basketball Coach at Temple, discusses taking over for a hall of fame coach including making changes to fit his personality and leadership style. Speaking on success during his time at an Ivy League institution, Coach Dunphy talks about how players who are smart off-the-court don’t always translate to smart basketball players. He has over 200 wins, and has taken two different teams to the NCAA tournament at least six times. Hosted by University of Maine Men's Basketball Head Coach, Bob Walsh.

Arizona State’s Ray Anderson On Positive Leadership

Arizona State University Director of Athletics, Ray Anderson discusses leadership from a number of different angles. As with most successful leaders, Anderson begins with core values, specifically having a family-first mentality within the organization. Negotiations, organizational decisions, positive leadership are only a few of the areas touched on during the conversation. The interview was captured at the Collegiate Sports Summit hosted by Evanta.