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Impacting Others Through Trust: UCLA’s Inouye-Perez

UCLA Softball Head Coach, Kelly Inouye-Perez, visits with AthleticDirectorU to discuss a variety of topics regarding her position as the leader of a highly-successful softball program.

Academic Services Plays A Critical Role In The Experience Of First-Year Student-Athletes

Evolving from academic advising offices, contemporary academic advisors do much more than help student-athletes maintain eligibility. Academic advisors and other support services personnel also play a crucial role in the overall development of the student-athlete experience in various areas.

Leading At The Highest Level: Texas’ Chris Del Conte

Chris Del Conte, Vice President & Director of Athletics at Texas, chats with Daniel Parker, Vice President & Managing Director of Sports at Parker Executive Search. The discussion touches on pressures of working at a high-profile institution, traits of the best ADs & more.

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: George Washington’s Jamion Christian

Jamion Christian, Men’s Basketball Head Coach at George Washington University, joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast. The two discuss Christian’s thoughts on why he doesn't have team captains.

Enhancing The Customer Experience With Jared Smith Of Ticketmaster

Jared Smith, President at Ticketmaster, visits AthleticDirectorU to discuss a number of topics ranging from leadership to the customer experience. Smith expresses excitement about the growth of the ticket and entertainment industry, specifically the introduction of the digital ticket.

Leveraging Social Media As A Student-Athlete: Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham

Former Auburn football student-athlete Jarrett Stidham sits with INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale to discuss his social media education as a Tiger & how he intends to leverage his brand in the professional ranks.

Tim Duncan: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

There is no better institution positioned to seize the moment and start something great than the University of New Orleans.

Life & Leadership: TCU’s Donati With Tailgate Guys’ Duffey

TCU Director of Athletics, Jeremiah Donati and Parker Duffey, President & CEO of Tailgate Guys, sit down for AthleticDirectorU to discuss life and leadership.

Being Strategic in Quiet Times: Green Bay’s Charles Guthrie

Seldom in the high-pressure, fast-paced world of intercollegiate athletics do we find ourselves in a quiet period, a period that not only allows for, but arguably invites reflection, learning, relationship building, depth, and uninterrupted attention to detail.

Best Practices For Navigating An NCAA Crisis: Ole Miss’ Bjork

In an accompanying piece to his 'Leading Through A Crisis' conversation, Bjork discusses some of the lessons and best practices other Athletics Directors could employ during an NCAA crisis.

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Penn State’s Guy Gadowsky

Guy Gadowsky, Men’s Hockey Head Coach at Penn State, joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast. The two discuss Gadowsky’s thoughts on developing culture. Gadowsky has found success at a number of different institutions by following the simple phrase, “enjoy what you do.”

Growth As A Leader: Florida’s Scott Stricklin With Baylor’s Felecia Mulkey

Florida Director of Athletics, Scott Stricklin, and Baylor’s Associate AD and Acrobatics & Tumbling Coach Felecia Mulkey visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss evolution as a leader.

Experts’ Roundtable: Key Fundraising Topics

In the latest edition of the Experts' Roundtable series, AthleticDirectorU chats with a three athletic development professionals on a few key topics related to fundraising in college athletics.

Did The Pac-12 Need A Strategic Partner In 2012? Part II

If you read Part I of this series, you know that I’m building a model to judge the net present value of the 2012 decision for Larry Scott and the Pac-12 to not bring on a strategic partner for the Pac-12 Networks. Crucially, I’m judging this decision based on the time value of money.

Student-Athlete Outcomes: Kevin Blue of UC Davis & Charlie Cobb of Georgia State

Kevin Blue, AD at UC Davis, and Charlie Cobb, AD at Georgia State, discuss Student-Athlete development with Parker Executive Search's Daniel Parker.

Did The Pac-12 Need A Strategic Partner In 2012? Part I

Since this is AthleticDirectorU, I’m going to lay out my process so that hopefully other ADs and leaders in college athletics could learn from my approach. Moreover, I’ll teach a few points about business strategy, that apply as much to college sports as consumer packaged goods.

Inside The Industry Survey: Men’s Basketball – FBI Developments

AthleticDirectorU and Athlete Viewpoint have partnered to develop original opinion research about various issues in college athletics. This inaugural study on MBB-FBI developments gathered data from ADs, Senior level compliance staff and conference commissioners.

Always Be Ready For The Moment: Social Media Strategy With Kentucky’s Peevy

Kentucky Deputy Director AD DeWayne Peevy and INFLCR Founder and CEO Jim Cavale visit AthleticDirectorU to talk social media and branding.

Preserving Your Core While Evolving As A Leader: Wake Forest’s Ron Wellman

Ron Wellman, longtime Director of Athletics at Wake Forest, visits with AthleticDirectorU on the topic of success in consistency. Wellman emphasizes the importance of evolving while remaining consistent within the guiding principles of the organization.

Internet Marketing & Search Engines In Athletics

Katie Thompson, Senior Account Manager at Google's Sports and Live Entertainment Team, joins Trip Durham on the Conversations on College Athletics Podcast to discuss internet marketing and how search engines play an important part of the process.

Leaks Won’t Sink You, But Can Knock You Off Course

Anyone who has led an organization has felt the frustration of leaked information, be it confidential negotiations, planned personnel moves or even informal discussions. More than other setbacks, leaks frustrate leadership because they also trigger an emotional reaction, which is a sense of betrayal

Cultivating A Culture That Affirms Your Values: Washington’s Jen Cohen

Making judgments calls, some about people, some about strategy, and, occasionally, some in times of crisis, requires that we lean heavily on our values and beliefs to steer us in a direction that is congruent with our organizational culture.

Leading Through Intersections: Optimizing Leadership Ability, Growth And Productivity Via Inclusion

Leadership has to ensure that they are including and engaging employees in an experience that the leader is proud to provide, but also one in which if leadership was a member of a marginalized group, they too would value that experience.

Career Insights From Eight Women Who Lead NCAA Division I Conferences

One place where women have seen more success securing senior level positions is conference commissioners. Eleven of the 32 NCAA Division I conference commissioners (34.4%) were women at the time of this study, a much higher percentage than observed in other intercollegiate leadership positions.