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RisingADs Book Review: Portland State's Cleary & Oakland's Stone on WOLFPACK

Guest Valerie Cleary, Portland State; Ashley Stone, Oakland
30:54 min listen

In this RisingADs book review, Portland State Director of Athletics Valerie Cleary and Oakland Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Experience Ashley Stone discuss Abby Wambach’s new rules for leadership in WOLFPACK. The duo focuses on leading from the bench, making failure your fuel and finding your pack and how each of those rules applies to leading in college athletics.


2:17 – What first put this book on your radar?
5:48 – One of Wambach’s eight rules is “Lead from the Bench.” While it is easy to understand how a student-athlete could apply this rule, what does leading from the bench look like to you from an athletic director standpoint, in all the roles that you have and everything that you oversee?
9:34 – iI you see someone who is leading from the bench, what are those qualities that stand out to you, other than creating change and seeing that impact?
10:22 – In what ways have you utilized rule four “Make Failure Your Fuel” throughout your career and getting to the AD chair?
13:41 – Do you have any physical reminders, or go to quotes that are in your office or elsewhere to help reconnect you to your mission? Or to your WHY?
18:23 – Rule eight is “Find Your Pack.” How has your pack or your inner circle changed over the years, if at all, as you’ve moved into higher levels of administration?
23:29 – Who are some inspirational individuals who you’ve looked up to in college athletics?
26:40 – When it comes to changing the game, whether it’s throughout college athletics or your role at Portland State, what do you want your impact to be?
28:04 – Final thoughts.