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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Vanderbilt's Shea Ralph

Guest Shea Ralph, Vanderbilt
28:43 min listen
Photo: The Vanderbilt Hustler

Vanderbilt Head Women’s Basketball Coach Shea Ralph joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss preparing to run her own program as an assistant, establishing a winning culture, the art of recruiting, her definition of leadership and much more.


1:35 – What did you do to prepare yourself as an assistant coach for the day when you’re going to run your own program?
3:36 – Can you give me an example of that something specific where you put yourself in an uncomfortable position to help grow?
9:41 – What were you looking for when you put your staff together?
12:55 – How do you go about establishing a winning culture in a program that’s not used to winning?
16:08 – Do you have a definition of leadership for your team and how would you describe your leadership approach as a coach?
17:47 – Who’s the best leader you’ve ever played with or you’ve ever coached and what made them so special?
22:45 – Is a competitive edge something you can recruit or can you teach that?
26:00 – If I were to come to one of your practices at Vanderbilt, how am I going to describe it when I walk away?