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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Indiana State's Josh Schertz

Guest Josh Schertz, Indiana State
28:43 min listen
Photo: Indiana State University

New Indiana State Head Men’s Basketball Coach Josh Schertz joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss his keys to growing and maintaining success at his previous institution, Lincoln Memorial, how he plans to bring his culture of success to Indiana State and much more.


2:22 – What were the keys to maintaining the success you had at Lincoln Memorial?
7:27 – Did you alter your approach each year or do you have a formula you repeat each year?
13:44 – At a program that has had success, how do you fit the culture you want to instill into what it takes to win at Indiana State?
18:49 – How will you handle failure at your new program when you are so accustomed to winning?
24:26 – What would you say is the one thing that separates your teams and their successes from others?