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Sports Creatives Podcast: Oregon State’s Russell Houghtaling

Guest Russell Houghtaling, Oregon State
36:55 min listen

Russell Houghtaling, Associate Athletic Director, Ideation at Oregon State, joins Jay F. Hicks on the Sports Creatives Podcast. Houghtaling discusses Oregon State’s approach to handling COVID-19 for their staff, his creative leadership philosophy, sharing content during these uncertain times, the impact on creative departments, Oregon State’s approach for sponsored content and much more.


3:32 – How did your department approach working from home?
6:54 – Since you began putting the plan in place in early March, how are you leading your team now?
10:36 – How is your organization operating and communicating right now?
14:31 – What will the impact of COVID-19 be on creative departments over the next academic year?
20:02 – How did your department handle the hire of a new Head Wrestling Coach during this pandemic?
22:09 – What’s your though process on figuring out roles as a creative leader?
26:49 – What is Oregon State’s strategy to maintain revenue without live events?
30:10 – Walk us through your Let’s Go Places road trip sponsored content series.
33:19 – What is next for the Oregon State brand?