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Sports Creatives Podcast: Missouri’s Ali Fisher

Guest Ali Fisher, Missouri
35:57 min listen
Ali Fisher, Assistant AD for Creative Services for Missouri, joins Jay F. Hicks on the Sports Creatives Podcast. The pair discuss Fisher’s career development, which includes being the first graphic designer employed by the Tigers and developing Mizzou’s first brand guidelines document, leadership style, creating elements that fit Missouri’s history and culture, the Mizzou creative culture and much more.


2:57 – When you are collaborating with a team or department, how do you go about communicating with the stakeholders?
3:58 – How are you measuring success and communicating objectives, with projects that have been successful for you and Mizzou?
10:04 – As a part of the strategic communications staff, how do you discuss managing and communicating deadlines and projects?
15:26 – What does your creative staff look like and how would you describe your leadership style?
18:09 – What do the brand guidelines look like for Mizzou?
19:53 – What is the creative culture at Mizzou?
24:28 – How do you maintain that blue collar culture and mentality?
26:32 – How do you go about managing the creative workload for you and your team?
29:12 – How do you promote career development for your staff and stay current with trends?
33:04 – What is it like being a female leader in the creative athletic space?