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The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Cincinnati’s Michelle Clark Heard

Guest Michelle Clark Heard, Cincinnati
24:11 min listen
Photo: Cincinnati Athletics

Cincinnati Head Women’s Basketball Coach Michelle Clark Heard joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast. Clark Heard discusses her approach to building a program, being transparent and open with her players, creating buy-in, and the challenges of rebuilding a program.


1:28 – How has your approach to team building culture evolved since you first became a head coach?
2:34 – How have you shown your players transparency as you’ve evolved as a head coach?
5:08 – How do you lead each of your players differently?
7:34 – What did you learn from being an assistant under Louisville Head Coach Jeff Walz?
9:43 – Do you think a lot of coaches struggle with being direct and honest with their players and showing that transparency?
13:48 – How do you develop your culture and create buy in with your players when they don’t see immediate success?
15:51 – What do you do when you get challenged by your players when rebuilding a program?
18:32 – If I were to go to a Cincinnati women’s basketball practice, what am I going to see?
20:01 – Who’s the best leader you’ve come across and what were their attributes that made them so good?