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Higher Ed Athletics Podcast: Georgia State’s Charlie Cobb

Guest Charlie Cobb, Georgia State
24:53 min listen
Photo: The Business Journals
Georgia State Athletic Director Charlie Cobb joins the Higher Ed Athletics podcast to discuss the complete transformation of Turner Field into Georgia State’s football stadium and plans for an athletics neighborhood in downtown Atlanta, the new naming rights deal and what that means for the university and athletic department amidst the pandemic, President Mark Becker’s recently announced retirement and how Becker helped shape intercollegiate athletics at GSU, carrying over a blueprint of success from one institution to the next and how Cobb balances representing the entire Sun Belt conference as a member of the NCAA DI Council.


1:16 – As a part of the acquisition, purchase and repurposing of Turner Field, how did the idea unfold and what were the steps in getting this project approved?
6:03 – Walk us through the naming rights process for Georgia State Stadium and how will this help GSU coming out of the pandemic?
11:38 – With President Mark Becker announcing his retirement, what has it been like working with him and how has he impacted athletics during your tenure?
13:48 – What does it take to have a strong relationship between a college president and his or her athletic director?
16:37 – What was the key to the successes at Appalachian State when you were there and how can someone bring that similar blueprint from one institution to an entirely new university?
22:23 – As the Sun Belt’s representative on the DI Council, is it challenging representing not only GSU at those meetings but also representing every school in the Sun Belt and how does one balance that responsibility?