Eric Hyman | Athletics Director | Retired

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Eric Hyman, former Director of Athletics at VMI, Miami (OH), TCU, South Carolina, and Texas A&M, visits the 1.Question Podcast to discuss what it takes to be successful and have longevity in the AD chair. Hyman’s career spanned 47 years in intercollegiate athletics including his time as a Student-Athlete, football coach, and athletics administrator.


In Part One, Hyman discusses how the increase of funds to the industry has increased pressure on ADs, making values based decisions ever more difficult. Coaches and ADs have to avoid the wealth-preservation mind state to achieve longevity in their careers. He also speaks on his approach to the South Carolina job and meeting the board’s goal of being a top 25 program. “There are no secrets when making decisions from the chair, so be upfront with who you are, your values, and doing things right.”


In Part Two, Hyman talks about maintaining values and avoiding situational ethics as a leader in the current high-dollar college athletics environment. On the question of taking time for himself and his family when he was an AD, Hyman admits he wasn’t the best at it. He recommends leaders take a step backwards, take time to re-energize yourself, and invest in your family.


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