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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – VCU’s Mike Rhoades

Guest Mike Rhoades, VCU
26:21 min listen

VCU Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Mike Rhoades, joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss what Rhoades learned from his Division III coaching experience, becoming a head coach at 25 years old, how his head coach experience made him a better Division I assistant, his leadership style and how it has developed throughout his career and more.


1:11 – How did your Division III playing experience impact your desire to be a coach and your approach to coaching?
2:18- Taking over the Randolph Macon at 25 years old, how did you prepare for that as an assistant coach?
3:57 – Had you even started thinking about becoming a head coach and your philosophy when you took over at 25?
9:05 – How would you describe your leadership approach as a head coach at age 25?
11:00 – How did your leadership style adjust as you developed as a head coach?
12:26 – Was it a tough decision to leave Randolph Macon to go back and be an assistant and how did it impact your ability to be an effective assistant?
14:18 – As an assistant under Shaka Smart, what makes him so good?
16:27 – When you took over as the head coach at Rice, how did you approach building the culture and adapting your leadership style?
20:13 – At Rice, when you were not having as much success, was it a struggle to get the student-athletes to buy in and stay bought in?
22:46 – How much has your leadership approach evolved as a coach throughout your career?