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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Tennessee State’s Penny Collins

Guest Brian "Penny" Collins, Tennessee State
24:00 min listen
Photo: Sports Awakening

Tennessee State Head Men’s Basketball Coach Brian “Penny” Collins joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss how his experience as a player at Belmont impacts his philosophy today, recruiting the right student-athletes, influences on his coaching style, his tenure thus far at Tennessee State and much more.


0:59 – Going into your first head coaching job at Columbia State, did you feel prepared when you took over?
1:56 – What did you learn when you first became a head coach?
3:09 – Playing under Coach Rick Byrd at Belmont, what made him such a good coach?
4:19 – How was the adjustment as a freshman in college joining a structured program in college?
5:18 – Did your strict culture as a player impact how you target prospective student-athletes?
6:07 – What are some of your non-negotiables as a coach?
7:42 – In recruiting, how do you balance talent, character and culture fit?
9:48 – As a high school coach, what did your dad instill in you that you carry forward as a head coach today?
13:44 – What was your plan early in your tenure at Tennessee State and how did you execute that plan?
15:41 – How does the tradition as a school and tradition as a basketball program at Tennessee State help what you’re doing?
18:25 – What are your practices like?
19:43 – How do you ensure your players are competing hard and at a high level?
21:37 – What is one book you would recommend a young coach to read?