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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Cincinnati’s John Brannen

Guest John Brannen, Cincinnati
26:26 min listen
Photo: Cincinnati Athletics

Cincinnati Head Men’s Basketball Coach, John Brannen, joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss Brannen’s unique experiences in taking over at Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Brannen discusses his approach to leadership, adapting his style to his personnel, creating buy-in among student-athletes, handling success and much more.


1:00 – How would you describe your approach to leadership?
2:30 – How do you get your players to really take ownership of what they’re doing every day and give them some control?
4:49 – When you were working to change the culture at Northern Kentucky, did you change a lot of personnel or was it the same group?
6:23 – How did you create buy-in without the on-court success?
7:55 – Once you start having success, how do you handle that success?
9:43 – How do you handle coming into a team that’s looking at a new head coach, but is used to winning?
12:42 – How much did you have to change your approach and how much did your student-athletes have to adjust?
14:40 – Did you make some adjustments as far as style of play and how you were playing to better fit the personnel?
15:54 – How much pressure did you feel to have success with this group in your first year and how did you handle it?
17:42 – Was there a point this year in January or February where you felt more comfortable with your team?
18:31 – Looking back on the season, was there something you could’ve done differently to become more comfortable with your team quicker? Or was it a matter you needed time to get to know each other and you need time to understand each other?
20:35 – How much have you grown, adapted, changed your approach since you’ve been a head coach?
23:19 – How important is it and how do you go about finding a comfort zone with people around you who are going to make you uncomfortable and are going to challenge you?