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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Bryant’s Mike Pressler

Guest Mike Pressler, Bryant
27:18 min listen
Photo: CBS News

Bryant Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach, Mike Pressler, joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss Pressler’s leadership approach and evolution over his 35 years as a head coach, the importance of captains on his team, team building, preparing for and handling adversity, and much more.


1:06 – How would you define your approach to leadership and building a team?
2:28 – How do you look for and define leaders on your team?
6:12 – How do you handle when a student-athlete is selected a captain, but may not fit the leadership mold?
10:35 – Do you find your captains have to be a top player to have credibility with the team or can a backup serve in that role?
12:49 – How has your leadership approach changed or evolved over your 35 years as a head coach?
15:51 – Having been to your practices, how do you emphasize and demand such a high level of communication?
18:04 – You said confident players are better communicators. If a student-athlete is not communicating enough on the field, do you have to coach their confidence?
19:19 – As a coach, do you ever feel that you need to take a step back and allow the team to communicate?
21:37 – How do you set your team up to deal with adversity?