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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Arkansas’ Eric Musselman

Guest Eric Musselman, Arkansas
29:35 min listen
Photo: Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas Head Men’s Basketball Coach Eric Musselman joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss his leadership approaches as a professional and college coach, keys to making an immediate impact on a program’s success, maintaining success, creating a partnership with his players and much more.


1:24 – How does your leadership approach differ when coaching professionals versus college?
3:22 – How did you adjust your approach when you went to college and took over at Nevada?
5:47 –  Is there something about your leadership style that allows you to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact?
11:59 – How do you maintain that success over a long period of time?
16:35 – How much of your team’s leaders taking ownership is their personalities or natural leadership qualities versus you creating the opportunity to lead?
19:29 – Do you have a definition of leadership for your teams?
21:26 – Who are the coaches who have had an influence on your approach?
25:25 – Who is the best leader you’ve coached and why?