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Defining Your Organizational Culture: Former Office Depot CEO Bruce Nelson

Guest Bruce Nelson, Former President & CEO - Office Depot
21:45 min listen

From values, to culture, standard operating procedures, and getting the right people on the bus, Bruce Nelson essentially gives ADU a tutorial on successfully leading an organization. The former President and CEO of Office Depot gives insight on the aspects of executive level leadership. With a staff of over 50,000 employees, Nelson touches on the thought process in defining the culture of a national corporation. As he discusses the mechanisms of developing an organizational culture, Nelson’s emphasis on people and trust is very obvious as he suggests leaders ask themselves “As a leader, what are you doing to develop trust?” Nelson mentions that everyone in an organization knows exactly what the leader will tolerate to accomplish goals, whether good or bad, so be aware of the culture you create. This is essentially a informal seminar for those in leadership positions.


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