Managing Risk With Football Tailgating Alcohol Policies

A condition of conference membership requires schools to license their rights to the conference, which distributes revenue equally among member institutions, and should, in theory, benefit the schools. But women’s gymnastics and men’s lacrosse are both niche sports which enjoy large, loyal fan affinity and an increasing number of youth athletes. Imagine a situation where niche sports content is delivered directly to a growing market in places where the market and enthusiastic fan bases exist.

1.Question Leadership Podcast
Cathy Rossi | Deputy Athletics Director | Wisconsin Milwaukee

Cathy Rossi, Deputy Director of Athletics at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, visits 1Q to discuss her role as the number two. She talks about what to look for when initially assessing the financial health of an athletics department. Rossi goes on to speak about starting in ticket sales and working her way into the business

Intermediate Sanctions Tax: For Athletics Directors It’s Personal

Across all institutions participating in college athletics and individuals employed thereby, application of the tax is significantly limited by the relatively-restricted cluster of the top five highest paid employees receiving compensation in excess of the relatively high threshold of $1,000,000 annually. While the reach of this tax is restricted and seemingly immaterial to a large number of college sports industry participants overall, it represents a high powered rifle shot to Autonomy 5 institutions and their head football and men’s basketball coaches. This could also have a regressive effect by imposing relatively more significant consequences on non-Autonomy 5 institutions, which don’t enjoy the option to off-load the compensation obligation to third parties.

Defining Your Organizational Culture: Former Office Depot CEO Bruce Nelson

Bruce Nelson, former CEO & President of Office Depot, continues to discuss the mechanisms of developing an organizational culture. His emphasis on people and trust is very obvious as he quotes from the book, The Speed of Trust, and asks the question “As a leader, what are you doing to develop trust?” Nelson mentions that everyone in an organization knows exactly what the leader will tolerate to accomplish goals, whether good or bad, so be aware of the culture you create.

Thoughts On Leadership: Auburn’s Allen Greene

Allen Greene, Director of Athletics at Auburn University joins Athletic Director U to discuss being in the chair. He credits his father for helping to instill attributes such as respect and other core values that guide his leadership philosophy. Greene identifies finding time for himself as his biggest challenge and also addresses some of the other challenges he faced during his first year and a half as an Athletics Director.

Commissioner’s Corner: Jennifer Heppel – Patriot League

Boasting the highest retention rate of all NCAA Division I conferences, the institutions of the Patriot League recruit Student-Athletes that embrace the challenge of managing athletics in a highly academic environment. Led by Jennifer Heppel, the League consistently makes an effort to make its presence felt nationally while refusing to veer too far from its core values. Heppel took some time out of her schedule to contribute to this edition of ADU's Commissioner's Corner.