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Centering Your Fan In Today’s Athletic Ecosystem With Arizona State, Boise State & Affinaquest

Guest Mike Meitin, Arizona State; Jake Mankin, Boise State; Steve Hank, Affinaquest
21:02 min watch


Arizona State Senior Associate AD for Ticketing and Business Analytics Mike Meitin, Boise State Associate AD for Strategic Marketing & Revenue Generation Jake Mankin and Affinaquest Executive Vice President of Collegiate Athletics Steve Hank join ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2024 NACDA Convention to share how they’re managing relationships with fans and donors in an era of unprecedented change for the industry. The trio share insight into how they’re utilizing storytelling to message to segmented audiences; ways in which they’re professionalizing their business operations; and how they’re reaching new revenue goals while simultaneously enhancing the student-athlete experience.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Steve, from your perspective at Affinaquest, what are some of the most critical things that our institutions need to address regarding fan and donor management to effectively face the future?
  • - Jake, when you think about the Boise State fan and alum, what are you doing differently to market to them, approach them and engage with them?
  • - Steve, what's your perspective on that kind of program?
  • - Mike, how are the Sun Devils staying nimble when it comes to engaging their fan base?
  • - How are both of your institutions shifting gears strategically to achieve a tighter operation?
  • - Steve, how can we blend these two approaches - the Boise State approach of storytelling with the Arizona State approach of tightening up operations?
  • - How are your institutions being more proactive in this era of change in order to identify and pitch to these potential new fans?
  • - Do you find that you need to switch your tactics for a new, younger generation of alumni and potential donors?
  • - Jake and Steve, what are the goals for your unit during this upcoming academic year and how is Affinaquest helping you reach those goals?
  • - Steve, what's your final message for those administrators who are looking to maximize their ticketing, fan engagement and revenue goals this year?
  • - How can optimizing the fan experience and broadening your reach, how can that ultimately trickle down to impact the student-athlete experience?