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Jack Ford, CBS News Legal Analyst, on Gambling and College Athletics

Jack Ford, CBS News Legal Analyst, discusses the potential effects of the SCOTUS ruling on gambling. Regarding college athletics, he discusses some of the primary concerns, i.e., hosting championships, new regulations, and lines of communication.

Why Communications Staffs May Be Significantly Impacted By Sports Gambling

With the new gambling ruling by the SCOTUS, athletics communications staffers may get peppered with calls from bookies and Tweets from gamblers seeking production information connected to wagering decisions. Communication and education to athletes and staff will become critical.

From The Chair Hosted By Mike Hamilton: Arkansas’ Hunter Yurachek

Hunter Yurachek, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics at University of Arkansas, discusses his unique situation of being hired less than 24 hours before the new football coach was named. He emphasizes how important it is for everyone in the organization to understand how important they are.

2017-2018 FBS Athletics Directors’ Compensation Survey

Spencer Fane reviewed all forms of compensation for ADs at NCAA member institutions on the DI - FBS level and analyzed their employment agreements and related documents (the, “Contracts”), then created a sortable database of primary compensation. Here are the economic takeaways and observations.

Experts’ Roundtable: Baseball Sport Administrators

From onboarding a new coach, supporting a successful and tenured coach, to adjusting to new recruiting legislation, the role of a sport administrator can be varied. In this Experts' Roundtable, ADU asked for insight into the intricacies of doing the job for the sport of baseball.

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Oklahoma’s Lon Kruger

Lon Kruger was the first basketball coach to take five different programs to the NCAA tournament and the only coach to win an NCAA tournament game with five different schools. Kruger, Head Basketball Coach at Oklahoma visits with Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast.

Trust & Delegation: Portland State’s Cleary & Fort Wayne’s Hartley Hutton

Valerie Cleary, Director of Athletics at Portland State, and Kelley Hartley Hutton, Director of Athletics at Fort Wayne join ADU to discuss the process of delegation. Both admit to the leadership challenge of delegating tasks but talk about developing trust with their respective staffs.

Comcast Partially Dropped The Big Ten Network – Now What?

Comcast’s recent decision to dump the Big Ten Network from its non-Big Ten market systems illustrates how the power dynamic has shifted from networks to the distributors who deliver the networks to consumers through carriage agreements.

Exclusive John Currie Interview: Leading With Integrity

Former Kansas State and Tennessee athletics director John Currie sits down with AthleticDirectorU to discuss the importance of integrity, transparency, and never compromising your values in today’s leadership climate.

Courage of Conviction: Nicki Moore Takes The Reins At Colgate

Purposeful.  Open.  Just.  Disciplined.  Caring. Celebratory.   Operationalizing the above six principles of a vital learning community espoused by educational theorist Ernest Boyer was not only the focus of my dissertation, but has also been a consistent theme along my professional journey. Effectively merging these core principles with the goals and realities of a highly

Gene Smith: Inside The Commission On College Basketball

The Commission on College Basketball was established by the NCAA in October 2017 to fully examine critical aspects of Division I men’s basketball. Ohio State's Gene Smith gives ADU his insight as a member of the Commission.

Making It Work With The CEO: Kentucky President Capilouto & UMBC Athletic Director Hall

Eli Capilouto, President at University of Kentucky, and Tim Hall, Director of Athletics at University of Maryland-Baltimore County, discuss the intricacies of effective communication between the Athletics Department and the Office of the President.

Michael Alford: Competitive Culture You Can Measure

When it comes assessing success within the organizations we lead as athletic administrators, many times we fall short. Creating ways to measure and benchmark the success of the individuals operating within our athletic environments can lead to great teamwork if done correctly.

Kentucky’s Barnhart: The Root Of Leadership Is Love

Mitch Barnhart, Athletics Director at University of Kentucky, touches on many aspects of his style of leadership. Beginning the conversation with love, Barnhart mentions it as the root of all leadership.

Intermediate Sanctions Tax: For Athletics Directors It’s Personal

The intermediate sanctions tax was enacted more than two decades ago and imposes an additional tax directly on employees (e.g., athletics directors and potentially coaches) of tax-exempt organizations.

Memphis’ Tom Bowen On The Human Element Of Leadership

As the Director of Athletics at Memphis, Tom Bowen creates an environment based on the work you do, not the job you have. In this video, Bowen discusses trust, accountability, and hiring people to lead. He talks on being adaptive in seeing changes as opportunities and being an accountable leader.

Positive Presidential Relationships: UNC Asheville’s Cone & Longwood’s Austin

Janet Cone, Director of Athletics at UNC Asheville, and Troy Austin, Director of Athletics at Longwood, join ADU to discuss the benefits of a positive relationship between an AD and an institution's President or Chancellor. Cone and Austin describe the importance of communication, chemistry, and tru

John Roberson, CEO Of Advent, On The Impact Of Telling Stories

John Roberson, CEO of Advent, joins Trip Durham on Conversations on College Athletics, to discuss the importance of telling powerful stories as an asset in intercollegiate athletics programs. Roberson talks about the importance of telling what makes a program unique and important to an audience.

Are The NCAA & The USOC Partners?

College sport would certainly benefit from incentives aimed at increasing participation in Olympic sports. On the other hand, Sports such as wrestling, ice hockey, and track and field often rely on the college system to train and develop athletes at no expense to the USOC.

Athletic Director Mock Interviews: Saint Joseph’s Bodensteiner & Morehead State’s Hutchinson

"The interview" can range from an intimidating pressurized drill session to a personable enlightening conversation. Preparation is what separates those who do well from those who falter. But even with preparation, the fit may or may not be there. In the two videos below, Daniel Parker of Parker Executive Search conducts mock interviews with Bob Walsh, Head Basketball Coach at Maine, and Tavaras Hardy, Assistant Coach at Georgia Tech.

Mark Alnutt: Learn From Others, Follow Your Own Path

The time is now to become more engaged with the community, to break through the most dangerous foe of apathy from those who are not on board yet, put more butts in the seats, boost giving, and put Buffalo on the front page of the sports section.

From The Chair Hosted By Mike Hamilton: NIU’s Sean Frazier

In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Joe Hamilton, Director of Athletics at Colorado State University. Hamilton talks about the benefit of having a new on-campus stadium. CSU decided to build on-campus as opposed to renovating the existing stadium which was located four miles off-campus. Hamilton discusses how this decision and execution has brought a new energy on campus. The conversation also touches on his leadership influences, the importance of detaching every once in while, and who he follows on Twitter.

Influencing Factors In College Basketball Attendance

Success in college basketball is heavily driven by fan support, most notably in the form of home-court advantage. Home attendance numbers not only have an impact on winning and losing games, but also producing revenue that can elevate programs nationwide.

Understanding Development & Donor Cultivation: ECU’s Compher & UNT’s Baker

Understanding the world of development in athletics can be very complex. In an attempt to provide a brief lesson on the subject, ADU sat down with Jeff Compher, Director of Athletics at East Carolina, and Wren Baker, Vice President & Director of Athletics at University of North Texas.