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Greg McGarity On Organizational Leadership

Greg McGarity, Director of Athletics at the University of Georgia, discusses the traits he picked up from those he has worked for (e.g., Jeremy Foley and investing in people). McGarity also details leadership classes he has for mid-level managers on his staff and although voluntary, participants always want more. The interview was captured at the Collegiate Sports Summit hosted by Evanta.

Alternative Facts: The Inequality Of Leadership In College Athletics

Author’s Note: This essay was compiled with the help of more than a dozen minority and majority athletic directors, coaches, search firms and experts on the issues of diversity and inclusion.    “Please explain how your professional experience and cultural upbringing might lend itself to connecting with new student-athletes you would be recruiting to our

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Cal’s Jack Clark on Getting Culture Right

Long time Cal Rugby head coach, Jack Clark, talks about his unique view of leadership and how he defines a glossary of terms so his teams will understand the core values of the program. From mental toughness to his definition of the alpha male, Coach Clark talks about the aspects of his philosophy that has led to his overwhelming success. Hosted by University of Maine Men's Basketball Head Coach, Bob Walsh.

Why ADs & FARs Are Both Outsiders & Must Work In Unison

For athletics, the athletic director is the equivalent of the college dean. But when the “front porch” of the campus misfires, it can inflict much more serious and lasting damage on a university than a scandal in the English Department or Medical School. That means that a president also must have an active outside-athletics eye on athletics. Enter the Faculty Athletic Representative.

Investigating College Basketball’s Transfer Movement

Transfers have become a vitally important aspect of college basketball. Adding players from the transfer market to fill out rosters can sometimes mean the difference between winning a national championship and suffering an early tournament defeat. Losing players via transfer also carries a similar importance.

Danny Morrison: Fundamentals of Leadership Translate Throughout Sports (Part II)

Danny Morrison spent nearly ten years as President of the Carolina Panthers. His time in the NFL and throughout college athletics gives us great insights to his life and how we should all approach leadership. Part II of Trip Durham’s visit with Danny explores fostering communication, clarity, and other essentials for leadership.

Cash Is King In Intercollegiate Apparel Agreements

From selling their own parking lots to outsourcing bookstore operations, public universities have been forced to get creative in order to generate much-needed funding to support continued operations. The inaugural Intercollegiate Apparel Agreement Report from the Center for Research Intercollegiate Athletics (CRIA) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides a detailed look into some trends regarding the revenue received from public Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) institutions from apparel, licensing, and sponsorship agreements with Adidas, Nike, Russell Athletic, and Under Armour.

Experts’ Roundtable: Leading College Football Journalists

Today’s media is much different from just five or 10 years ago. In fact, many sports writers are trying to decide on long-form vs. short-form, video, social media, or whatever else they may need to keep up with ever-evolving outlets. Combine this with the pressure of producing pertinent material and you have a compelling, creative

Danny Morrison: Lessons Learned on Leadership (Part I)

Throughout his career, Danny Morrison served in a number of leadership roles including conference commissioner, director of athletics, and president of an NFL team. During his journey, he learned and applied many leadership lessons along the way. Trip Durham visit with Morrison to discuss that journey.

Colorado’s Rick George & Syracuse’s John Wildhack on Revenue Generation

From combining non-athletic assets for sponsorships to ideas from professional sports, Colorado’s Rick George and Syracuse’s John Wildhack discuss revenue generation from a number of different angles. The conversation is moderated by Graham Neff, Deputy AD at Clemson.

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Richard Pitino (Minnesota)

Richard Pitino, Men’s Basketball Head Coach at University of Minnesota, discusses team leadership, media, and bouncing back from an eight-win season to become the Big Ten Coach of the Year. Hosted by University of Maine Men's Basketball Head Coach, Bob Walsh.

One Chattanooga: Mark Wharton’s Journey To UTC

Mark Wharton pens on his plans for UT Chattanooga as he becomes the new AD for the Mocs. "We will become One Chattanooga. We must do it together, we have no choice."

Crisis Management: Hartford AD Gillespie & Charlotte AD Rose

New University of Hartford Athletic Director Mary Ellen Gillespie and longtime Charlotte Athletic Director Judy Rose discuss tenants of crisis management with Parker Executive Search's Daniel Parker. In the lengthy conversation, Gillespie highlights the need for full integration with the overall institution, while Rose recounts some situations that shaped how the 49ers document & communicate during tense situations.

Eschewing the Media Bundle and Related Challenges for the Athletics Department

Consumers who want sports pay for local city council news, opinion, and business news, whether they consume it or not. In some ways, the local newspaper is the last true media bundle. This begs the question of how much longer consumers, interested in sports, will be willing to pay for content they do not want?

Michael Kelly: From Humble Beginnings Sprung a National Celebration of College Football

The College Football Playoffs was expected to be an instant success in year one. That’s a great deal of pressure and planning and Michael Kelly, COO, and the staff did a fantastic job. Ever since that first kickoff, the playoff structure has continued its evolution. Trip Durham and Michael talk about the CFP chronology, process, and Larry Culpepper.

Rhode Island’s Bjorn & Northern Iowa’s Harris: Head Coach Contracts and Extensions

University of Rhode Island Director of Athletics Thorr Bjorn and University of Northern Iowa Director of Athletics David Harris discuss the mechanics of head coach contracts and extensions. Moderated by Glenn Sugiyama of DHR International.

ADiR: Nevada’s Knuth on Hiring Coaches, the Future of Technology & his Reading Habits

There is almost nothing more important in the AD role than hiring coaches. During a search process, focus your time and energy on this activity. To the extent you can, it is important to defer or delegate other activities while you manage the search process and candidates.

TCU’s Chris Del Conte on Leadership in College Athletics

Chris Del Conte, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at TCU, gives his thoughts on leadership relative to organizational change, approaching potential donors, and opportunities to lead.

Why Naming Rights Deals in College Athletics are Complicated Business

Comparing deals between colleges and professional sports is also tricky, as the attitudes and opinions of fans differ within each respective setting. Those who follow professional sports are generally accustomed to the commercial element being integrated with the end product; so there tend to be fewer fans speaking out against commercialism.

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Ed Cooley (Providence)

Ed Cooley, Men’s Head Basketball Coach at Providence College, talks about leadership styles, managing internal vs. external expectations, relationships, and much more in this episode of the Dynamic Leadership Podcast. Hosted by University of Maine Men's Basketball Head Coach, Bob Walsh.

Ole Miss’ Bjork & Kansas State’s Taylor: Hiring a Deputy AD

Ross Bjork, Vice Chancellor of Athletics at Ole Miss, and Gene Taylor, Director of Athletics at Kansas State speak on the importance of trust when hiring a Deputy AD. The two CEOs also discuss their time spent as the "number two." Conversation moderated by Chad Chatlos of Ventura Partners.

Ari Fleischer: Behind the Podium & In the Stands

Trip Durham visits with the former White House Press Secretary for an insightful discussion about planning to stay ahead of the noise that surrounds college athletics from a social media perspective and the importance of controlling reputation.

Experts’ Roundtable: Senior Woman Administrator

In 1989, the NCAA legislated the Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) position at each NCAA athletic department and member conference. The designation goes to the highest ranking woman on staff. While the responsibilities vary at each institution, the significance of the assignment has remained constant. In this Experts' Roundtable, four leaders from within college athletics share their thoughts on the SWA designation.

Pitt’s Lyke & Delaware’s Rawak: Organizational Planning as a New AD

Heather Lyke, Director of Athletics at Pittsburgh, and Chrissi Rawak, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Delaware speak on the essentials when assuming the CEO position at a new institution. Trust, communication, strategy, and personnel are just some of the topics addressed in this video.