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What Coaches Need To Know About Name Image And Likeness

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AthleticDirectorU, in partnership with the National Association of Basketball Coaches, presents what coaches and administrators will need to know about name, image and likeness. Of particular note, the presentation includes key hypothetical questions every department around the industry should be asking itself, like: What if your head coach is represented by an agency who will now also be representing student-athletes? Florida A&M AD Korte Gosha and INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale also offer key perspectives on brand building, staffing and content creators, educating student-athletes, differences across states and much more.
The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).
  • - How did we get here with NIL?
  • - What exactly is NIL?
  • - What is the state of NIL legislation?
  • - How much is NIL worth to student-athletes?
  • - How much is NIL worth to female student-athletes?
  • - The business of NIL
  • - How will NIL work?
  • - What can schools not do?
  • - Can coaches be featured in a student-athlete's paid social media post?
  • - What can (and must) schools do?
  • - What if a student-athlete is being threatened by a sponsor to terminate their deal if they do not get more playing time?
  • - What can your school do to succeed in the NIL era?
  • - What if a student-athlete is hosting a camp with a sponsor's competitor at the same time as the coach is holding a camp?
  • - Early best practices for coaches and departments
  • - Introductions to the Q&A
  • - What can schools and coaches be doing for student-athletes to help them maximize their NIL? (Cavale)
  • - What is your institution doing to prepare your student-athletes for NIL? (Gosha)
  • - Should student-athletes look to hire their own content strategists? (Cavale)
  • - As an AD, what keeps you up at night with NIL? (Gosha)
  • - What are the tax implications for different states and what are the compliance elements of that?
  • - How will schools in states that will not have NIL laws on the books compete in recruiting?
  • - What happens when a student-athlete is sued for breach of contract by a brand?
  • - Final thoughts