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Values-Based Leadership With Miami’s Jennifer Strawley & Northwestern’s Janna Blais

Guest Jennifer Strawley, Miami (FL); Janna Blais, Northwestern
25:31 min watch


University of Miami (FL) Senior Deputy AD Jennifer Strawley and Northwestern Deputy AD/SWA Janna Blais join ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2023 NCAA Convention to discuss their approach to values-based leadership, including how today’s young professionals face the unique challenge of working in a social-media-enhanced workplace. Blais speaks to the importance of being transparent as a leader and the necessity of providing young professionals a platform to share their ideas, noting that at times she’s implemented concepts her team has suggested; she also discusses the process her 16-year-old son recently went through in establishing his own core values. Strawley points out that being genuine and authentic is the ultimate way to garner respect, sharing her challenges with insecurity as a young staffer and how she established her own personal value system as she grew into leadership roles.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What were 1-2 things you found challenging regarding leadership when you were a young professional that you excel at now?
  • - Have there been situations where a staffer has had such a great idea, you scrapped what you were originally planning to implement instead?
  • - Jen, what were some challenges you faced that you now excel at?
  • - How do you see the impact of social media "likes" and the pressure that comes with it on todays young professionals?
  • - Janna, what's your perspective?
  • - Jen, when you talk about the struggles of young professionals wanting to be liked, are you reflecting on your own experience?
  • - Do you remember when you made the shift to prioritizing your own values over other people's opinion of you?
  • - How do you encourage a young professional to lead from their values?
  • - Jen, how do you help young professionals establish their values?
  • - When it comes to leading with values, how do you determine if you're going to work well with your department's AD?
  • - As a senior leader, how do you discuss values with a new staffer?