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The Value of Open Communication: Austin Peay’s Harrison

Guest Gerald Harrison, Austin Peay
14:01 watch


Austin Peay Athletics Director Gerald Harrison sat down with AthleticDirectorU’s Steph Garcia to discuss how Harrison communicates with his staff. The pair broke down Harrison’s scheduled meetings with his coaches, how he deals with disagreement, and also dug into Austin Peay’s new facility partnership with the Nashville Predators, plus a whole lot more.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - How did the F&M Bank deal with the Predators come together?
  • - What will this new arena do from a student experience standpoint?
  • - What kind of schedule do you set for meeting with your coaches?
  • - Do any specific characteristics jump out to you when making a coaching hire?
  • - How do you keep track of your conversations/meetings with coaches over the course of a season?
  • - How do you deal with disagreements?
  • - How deep in to the weeds do you get on coaches decisions (roster management, scholarship allocation, etc...)?
  • - How do you hand out sports oversight roles with senior staff?
  • - How do you communicate through the process of one of your coaches wanting to make a staff change?
  • - Who are your mentors and who has helped you with managing coaches and personalities?



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