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The Talent Equation: Mark French, Lara Juras, and Jacqueline Williams-Roll

Guest Mark French, The Players Tribune & AD Age; Lara Juras, General Mills; Jacqueline Williams-Roll, Minnesota Vikings; Ryan Hawk, The Learning Leader Podcast
52 min watch


A dynamic discussion on talent & its inherent influence on culture is led by The Learning Leader Podcast’s Ryan Hawk. Serial entrepreneur & The Players’ Tribune board member Mark French, General Mills Chief HR Officer Jacqueline Williams-Roll and Minnesota Vikings VP of People & Culture Laura Juras discuss crucial organizational aspects of establishing culture, cultivating talent, learning from your career path, and much more.


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  • - What are some of your core tenets or beliefs on how to build an excellent culture?
  • - How do football and business operations interact within the Minnesota Vikings organization? (Juras)
  • - What characteristics you look for when bringing in team members from outside the organization? (Juras)
  • - What do you look for in business partnerships? (French)
  • - How can an organization foster the growth and retention of top talent?
  • - How can you make your organization attractive to candidates who are in demand?
  • - Thoughts on learning from your career path
  • - How do you bring your corporate background into the startups you work with? (French)
  • - What early career mistakes did you make that others can learn from?