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The State Of The Student-Athlete Journey With Game Plan’s McCaffrey And Wessell

Guest Vin McCaffrey, Game Plan; Max Wessell, Game Plan
37:23 min watch


Game Plan Founder and CEO Vin McCaffrey and Chairman of the Board Max Wessell sit down with AthleticDirectorU’s Matt Roberts to discuss the student-athlete journey, the growth of Game Plan and its acquisitions, fostering culture and growth, the company’s roadmap and more.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What was the strategy behind the merger of Game Plan and InXAthlete?
  • - Why was the acquisition of Athlete Viewpoint key? (McCaffrey)
  • - Why was the acquisition of The Athlete Book key for Game Plan's roadmap? (Wessell)
  • - How has the onboarding and synergy of each acquisition gone? (McCaffrey)
  • - Internally, how has the company grown and given the type of company you are building, how integral are student-athletes to your growth? (Wessell)
  • - How did you ensure the culture amidst growth and a remote workforce? (McCaffrey)
  • - How many athletic departments are you working with now? (McCaffrey)
  • - How have learnings from professional league clients helped departments and vice versa?
  • - Why is it important for your curriculum to be measured and delivered digitally? (McCaffrey)
  • - How do you balance efficiency and effectiveness in creating learning modules?
  • - So corporations will help build this expert curriculum?
  • - How close are you on a turnkey solution to help student-athletes understand their career opportunities? (Wessell)
  • - Explain how measuring the matriculation of student-athletes to the next phase of their life is a key piece of your solution.
  • - How to the big changes in college athletics impact how you envision the company's roadmap? (McCaffrey)
  • - How can Game Plan help departments do more with less? (McCaffrey)
  • - How do you ensure the voice of the student-athlete is captured for departments that may have less staff? (Wessell)
  • - How can your platform help departments with sports gambling? (McCaffrey)
  • - What is the long-term value of having data around the student-athlete journey?
  • - How have these learnings and data impacted policies on campus? (McCaffrey)
  • - In the next year, what do you want to have achieved to continue adding value to the student-athlete journey?