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The Push And Pull Of Leadership With LEARFIELD’s Kim Damron

Guest Kim Damron, LEARFIELD
17:17 min watch


LEARFIELD President for Digital & Technology Kim Damron joins ADU’s Tai Brown at the annual Women Leaders Convention in Kansas City to discuss the push and pull of leadership, from a personal, professional and organizational perspective. Damron, who was recently elevated from Paciolan CEO to her current role, discusses her path to the c-suite, when she realized she had the capacity to be a leader and the challenges of being a working mom before talking about the evolution of LEARFIELD from multimedia rights business to all-encompassing technology solutions partner.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Talk about your career path. What skills did you gather from other leaders in the technology space that you use today?
  • - Did you have a background in technology?
  • - Does this new role as President of Digital & Technology expand your reach and influence within the organization?
  • - How are you learning about other units across the company?
  • - What was that moment when someone identified you as a potential leader and you also realized you had the capacity to be a great leader too?
  • - For companies that provide in-house childcare for working moms... over time, they see more women in management roles.
  • - How have you evolved as a working mom throughout your career?
  • - How do you balance innovating as a leader with staying true to what you do well?
  • - How do you balance marketing and engineering when it comes to the organization's focus?
  • - How do you navigate communication within the organization and with clients?
  • - What are actions leaders can take to bridge the communication gap between units within their organization when it comes to overall company goals?