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The Power of Institutional Knowledge With Morgan State’s Erlease Wagner, the Sun Belt’s Kathy Keene & Utah State’s Amy Crosbie

Guest Erlease Wagner, Morgan State; Kathy Keene, Sun Belt Conference; Amy Crosbie, Utah State
24:51 min watch


Morgan State Deputy AD/SWA Erlease Wagner, Sun Belt Conference Deputy Commissioner Kathy Keene and Utah State Executive Associate AD/SWA Amy Crosbie sit down with ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2023 Women Leaders Convention to discuss the power of institutional knowledge as a senior leader. The trio talk about the benefits of longevity at a single institution, especially through leadership or membership transitions, and how they continue to step out of their comfort zone rather than falling back on a “this is how we’ve always done it” mindset. Crosbie, Keene and Wagner also discuss the way they sustain passion for the industry without succumbing to burnout.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What are a few "impact moments" in your career that put you on the trajectory to becoming powerful senior administrators at your institutions?
  • - You've all been at your institutions for a long tenure; in this age of realignment across the industry, why have you valued stability?
  • - Amy, you not only have a new AD - USU also has a new president. From your perspective, with all of your deep institutional ties and knowledge as a former Aggie student-athlete, how has that impacted both the department and the university?
  • - Morgan State has a new AD as well - how has that transition gone for the department and institution as a whole?
  • - Turning to the Sun Belt - you've had stability in the Commissioner's chair but the conference has recently added new institutions, which means new presidents, ADs, student-athletes.
  • - How do you continue to innovate and push outside your comfort zone when you could say "I've been here forever, this is how WE do it"?
  • - How have you sustained a high level of passion for college athletics throughout your career without succumbing to burnout?
  • - When you have those gut-punch moments, how do you pick yourself back up and come back the next day with renewed energy?