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The Players Townhall With NCAA President Charlie Baker

Guest Charlie Baker, NCAA
45:25 min watch


NCAA President Charlie Baker joins ADU’s Jason Belzer at the 2024 NIL Summit to answer student-athlete questions about NIL and introduce a new partnership with Meta to empower female student-athletes seeking NIL opportunities. Baker also discusses a collaboration with Teamworks to develop an NIL deal database and voluntary registry and the importance of transparency in the NIL ecosystem. Additionally, Baker addresses issues of equity in a revenue sharing-model, the future of amateurism and how to preserve the spirit of intercollegiate athletics.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - How will the NCAA be involved with empowering female student-athletes in NIL?
  • - What are other ways that the NCAA is investing in NIL and supporting student-athlete success in NIL?
  • - How do you see the expansion of NIL opportunities play out in this new era?
  • - When making major decisions, who do you consult to ensure that a variety of opinions are heard and represented?
  • - What do you think equity looks like in a new revenue sharing model, particularly for student-athletes?
  • - What advice are you and the NCAA giving to schools about how to preserve what college athletics is today despite the changes going on in the landscape?
  • - How do we ensure that the student-athlete voice remains loud in all of these conversations moving forward?
  • - Is the concept of amateurism going to be redefined? How is the NCAA going to preserve the tradition of athletics?
  • - The NCAA has partnered with Influencer to create a registry; there is also a mandate that student-athletes must disclose deals over $600. Why the obligation to disclose? Will a voluntary registry make a real impact? Is there an opportunity to regulate those individuals who are working with student-athletes?
  • - What are some leadership qualities you brought with you from the Governor’s Office to the world of college athletics?