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The Connective Role Of An SID With Chicago State’s Jessica Poole

Guest Jessica Poole, Chicago State
12:36 min watch


Chicago State Deputy AD/Chief Operating Officer Jessica Poole joins Women Leaders in College Sports Director of Membership Engagement Kyra Kendricks at the 2023 NCAA Convention to discuss the crucial role SIDs play in connecting student-athletes to their athletic department. Poole shares the story of her career journey, which began as a student worker in the communications department and has culminated thus far as a Deputy AD and COO, illustrating the power of a communications professional in telling the student-athlete story. Poole also discusses her role as the first Black woman to lead College Sports Communicators, the importance of relationships and how she hopes to positively impact the leadership pipeline for women and people of color.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Tell us about your journey and how you got from your first role in college athletics to the role you have today.
  • - How important do you think SID roles are for student-athletes and for telling their stories? 
  • - How do you continue to prioritize telling the student-athlete story in your role as a Deputy AD?
  • - You are the first Black woman to serve as president of the College Sports Communicators; what does that mean to you and what are the implications of that moving forward?
  • - How do you create the leadership pipeline for women and people of color?
  • - What makes you successful in your current role? How do you define success?
  • - How do you show that on a micro-level?
  • - How do you stay motivated?
  • - What advice do you have for other leaders? How are you navigating the pace of change in our industry?