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Successful Sport Administration: North Carolina Central’s Wicker McCree & Texas A&M’s Brown

Guest Ingrid Wicker McCree, North Carolina Central; Kristen Brown, Texas A&M; Monique Holland, Auburn
16:06 min watch


North Carolina Central Athletic Director Ingrid Wicker McCree and Texas A&M Deputy Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Experience/SWA Kristen Brown discuss their philosophies on sport administration, access and advocacy, critical skills for the role, notifying coaches of complaints and more. The conversation is moderated by Auburn Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA Monique Holland.


The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic). There’s also an audio version below if you prefer to listen to the conversation.
  • - What is the philosophy for your sport administration program?
  • - What is your philosophy on access and advocacy for coaches and student-athletes?
  • - When you receive a student-athlete's complaint about a coach, at what point do you notify the coach of the issue?
  • - What are the critical skills a staff member needs to serve as a sport administrator?
  • - How do you balance coaches going through proper protocols with sport administrators and getting face time with their AD? (Wicker McCree)
  • - What is your most rewarding experience as a sport administrator? (Brown)
  • - Final thoughts