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Strategic Storytelling With Alabama & LEARFIELD

Guest Jessica Paré, Alabama; Grant Jones, LEARFIELD
16:51 min watch


Alabama Deputy AD Jessica Paré and LEARFIELD SVP & Head of Content Grant Jones join ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2024 NACDA Convention to share insight into the first year of a 15-year multimedia rights relationship, which includes the creation of an original content platform and NIL hub. Jones and Paré discuss the proactive, collaborative partnership, including how their teams evaluate their whiteboard of ideas; current content-creation trends; and the metrics for success that define the value of a piece of content. Paré and Jones also reflect on the role storytelling plays for Alabama Athletics in terms of fan engagement, NIL partnerships and revenue generation opportunities. Jones: “Storytelling is an important way for fans to further engage and for a company like LEARFIELD to bring brands into the fold.”

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Content today is frequently a sound bite, clip or TikTok - why is it important to Alabama and LEARFIELD to embrace long-form storytelling?
  • - Grant, what trends are you seeing when it comes to creating content right now?
  • - Jess, tell me about the evaluation process for Alabama when it comes to what fans are engaging with.
  • - When you think about the success of Alabama Athletics as a whole, what role does storytelling play in elevating the brand? How do you prioritize which stories to tell?
  • - Walk me through the process of creating a piece of content, from the idea on the whiteboard to the Instagram Reel I'm scrolling through on my phone.
  • - How do you know what to say no to?
  • - How can we use storytelling not just as a tool in the NIL toolbox but to garner and attract new NIL opportunities for student-athletes?
  • - Grant, is there a piece of content - either about a specific student-athlete or about Alabama Athletics - that has led to a really cool NIL opportunity?
  • - How is Alabama evaluating the effectiveness of a piece of content? What's the metric for success?
  • - What role does OTT have in the larger portfolio of revenue opportunities, in generating new revenue streams?
  • - What's to come in Year 2 for this partnership?