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Stepping Into The Commissioner’s Chair With The MAAC’s Travis Tellitocci

Guest Travis Tellitocci, MAAC
14:55 min watch


New Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) Commissioner Travis Tellitocci joins ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz to reflect on his first weeks in the role, including his journey from the professional sports realm to the conference office. Tellitocci shares his perspective on issues such as sports wagering, data monetization and media rights before discussing his early plans for implementing effective communication with league institutions, building a staff and achieving buy-in and connecting with MAAC student-athletes.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - You had the opportunity to visit Disney while in Orlando for NACDA - this has been a good trip for you!
  • - You're a month into the role; how has the experience been?
  • - How did you know you were ready for this opportunity?
  • - What would you share with ambitious administrators who are hesitant to leave campus to work at a conference?
  • - How do you define fit? How do you evaluate opportunities that come your way based on that definition?
  • - How can you gain influence as a new commissioner?
  • - How can you achieve buy-in from existing staff and what will you look for in the future as you build out your own staff?
  • - How do you navigate the various personalities of your league institutions and tailor your communication style to fit their different needs?
  • - Do you have a process for how you'll distribute communication so that each institution hears exactly what you intend to say versus interpreting it to fit their own agendas?
  • - You are the fourth commissioner in MAAC history; what areas of opportunity are you most eager to explore early in your tenure?
  • - What is more important for the MAAC right now - the discovery of content or the monetization of content?
  • - What from the professional sports world do you want to explore and possibly implement both in terms of fan engagement and the relationship between institution and student-athlete?
  • - What's your perspective on the issues of data collection and monetization and sports betting?
  • - In your new role, you don't have that immediate face-to-face with student-athletes; how are you being intentional with your engagement with student-athletes?