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Shaping The Future Through Leadership With Western Michigan’s Beauregard

38:40 min watch


Western Michigan AD Kathy Beauregard sits down with AthleticDirectorU to discuss how her and her staff stay innovative after decades together, the highs and lows of being in the AD chair, problem solving methods and much more.
The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).
  • - How do you stay innovative and creative with a staff that has been at Western Michigan for so long?
  • - How differently do you approach things today versus 25 years ago?
  • - What is your method of problem solving?
  • - What problem solving tools and lessons have you learned from your coaches?
  • - Can you recall an excellent idea from a student-athlete?
  • - As a former gymnastics coach, what is your perspective on the current state of the sport?
  • - As a leader, how do you balance the highs and lows of being an AD?
  • - How much do the pressures of the job effect the rest of your life?
  • - What are your thoughts on tenured ADs stepping away from the chair?
  • - How will this $550 million gift to WMU, $50 million of which will go to athletics, impact the Broncos future?
  • - How do you go about creating the future you want to be a part of?