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Setting Great Expectations With UNI’s David Harris

Guest David Harris, Northern Iowa
20:27 min watch


Northern Iowa Director of Athletics David Harris sits down with ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2023 NCAA Convention to discuss his strategies for setting expectations, specifically around strategic planning, fundraising campaigns and facilities projects. Harris: “As you’re trying to lead your athletics department, you want to get them excited about something that they’ve never seen before but you don’t want to go so far that you’re gonna miss that goal in a way that impacts your credibility and the credibility of the department.” Harris and Brown dive into issues of prioritization, developing a collective vision with university stakeholders and the impact of making mistakes as a leader.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What is your fundraising process? How do you determine how much you need to raise for a facilities project versus how much capacity your donor base has to give?
  • - How do you work with outside consultants to set proper expectations for facilities projects and the corresponding fundraising goals?
  • - How much research goes into pushing the envelope as a leader?
  • - Is there ever a risk of complacency when you know an institution and fan base so well?
  • - What is the evaluation process like for you as you continue to grow as a leader?
  • - Where does the evaluation of your personal expectations cross with the expectations that your president or chancellor have for you?