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Self-Care In The AD Chair: Ball State’s Goetz & Rice’s Karlgaard

Guest Beth Goetz, Ball State; Joe Karlgaard, Rice; Portia Hoeg
20:27 min watch


Directors of Athletics, Beth Goetz of Ball State and Joe Karlgaard of Rice, review how they each manage their own self-health while leading their respective departments. The pair address how they find and use quiet time, as well as responsibilities  they struggle to delegate. The conversation wraps with advice for current and future ADs on self-care. The discussion is moderated by college athletics leader, Portia Hoeg.


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  • - If you were to start over as AD, what would you change about how you started your leadership tenure?
  • - Has your leadership style changed over the last 10-20 years?
  • - An Athletics Directors day can be chaotic, do you have a quiet place or activity that helps you process everything?
  • - Are there people you consider thought partners that help you work through any issues you face?
  • - What employee traits or behaviors would you consider to be triggers?
  • - How do you bring others on board to new ways of thinking?
  • - Is there an aspect of your role that you should delegate but because you consider it valuable, you haven't let it go?
  • - How do you engage staff in the areas that you have a passion for?
  • - How do you maintain your connection with Student-Athletes as the AD?
  • - Advice to current and future ADs on self-care