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The Ripple Effect Of Great Leadership With Oklahoma’s Leah Beasley

Guest Leah Beasley, University of Oklahoma
32:43 min watch


Oklahoma Executive Associate AD Leah Beasley joins ADU’s Tai M. Brown at the 2024 PACnet Conference to discuss the ripple effects of great leaders on department culture and the fan experience. Beasley also discusses the intangible ROI of unexpected, spur of the moment marketing efforts on brand-building: “How well are we telling our story?” Beasley and Brown also explore the value of “forced collaboration” or having an arena where the entire staff can get on the same page and the core values of transparency and trust.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What I’ve heard about you from those that know you well - you like to be on the water.
  • - I’ve also heard that when you own a boat, it’s a headache. Do you need the fastest boat or the biggest boat - how does that work for you?
  • - Are there lakes in Oklahoma?
  • - When you considered taking this position at Oklahoma, what factors did you consider? Was it a factor, that AD Joe Castiglione consistently developed other leaders?
  • - When we talk about segmentation and customizing the fan experience - can that cause problems later on?
  • - There’s an aspect of psychology involved in marketing and communication; what’s your take on the psychology of understanding who is a fan of your institution?
  • - I just had a conversation with an administrator from UC Irvine who said, “We have to be intentional with where we spend our money and know that our return on investment is going to be bigger than 1:1.” What you’re telling me is that UC Irvine and Oklahoma - we’re doing the same thing.
  • - Do ideas like this one get to you fully formed?
  • - Explain the structure and process of the pod meetings.
  • - Was that in place before you arrived?
  • - How long after you got there did you implement this style of meeting?
  • - Which leads to tangible outcomes… the staff probably loves that, don’t they?
  • - Realistically, most problems in business are related to communication. What you’re doing is forcing communication.
  • - What would you say is the biggest impact you’ve had in the 18-19 months you’ve been at Oklahoma?
  • - If you had to look back at your Mississippi State chapter, what would you say was one of your biggest impacts there?
  • - How would you summarize your value proposition?
  • - Where do you feel like you can still evolve as a leader?
  • - Is the accountability piece a correction from ways you’ve lead in the past?