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Early Wins: William & Mary’s Huge & UNLV’s Reed-Francois

Guest Desiree Reed-Francois, UNLV; Samantha Huge, William & Mary
28:10 min watch


Athletic Directors Samantha Huge of William & Mary and Desiree Reed-Francois of UNLV visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss this importance of early wins for a new AD. From speaking to donors, earning the trust of staff and determining which priorities to address first, Huge and Reed-Francois expound on some of the initial strategies needed for successful leadership when embarking on a new journey from the chair.


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  • - What were some early victories in your tenure as AD?
  • - What were some of the takeaways from your initial conversations with stakeholders?
  • - How did you determine what to address first?
  • - What was the response from your constituency after listening to their insight?
  • - How do you approach changing the culture?
  • - On Trust & Transparency
  • - Making tough decisions
  • - How do you define growth?
  • - How do you make sure credit is given where it is due?