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Raising The Bar In Your Next Role With SMU’s Dawn Rogers & Southern Utah’s Marie Tuite

Guest Dawn Rogers, SMU; Marie Tuite, Southern Utah
26:11 min watch


SMU Deputy AD for Internal Affairs Dawn Rogers and Southern Utah Deputy AD for External Relations/COO Marie Tuite sit down with ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz at the 2023 Women Leaders Convention to discuss how they raise the bar and find new levels of success when transitioning to a new institution. Tuite: “You can craft yourself any way you would like when you go into a new institution. You carry all the things that you did really well previously and maybe some things that you certainly would have liked to have done differently and then you start this new chapter and new phase in your life… it’s really a lot of fun.” Rogers and Tuite also discuss establishing trust with a new department, reinventing yourself after a gut-punch moment, and managing the emotional roller coaster that is college athletics.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - You both came to your current role after a long stint at your previous institution. How do you turn the page after serving one department for so long?
  • - What is your perspective Marie?
  • - When it comes to some of the more trivial changes you have to make when moving to a new institution - like changing the color of your wardrobe - is that fun or is it a headache?
  • - How do you build a culture of trust with your new staff, with your new AD and with the student-athletes?
  • - How do you use storytelling as part of your leadership style?
  • - How do you ensure that all units you oversee are rowing in the same direction? How do you make sure it's truly one mission, one message?
  • - How does your staff gain your trust? How do you know, when you're at a new institution, that you can delegate, not micromanage and they're going to get the job done to the standard you expect?
  • - How have your reactions to unexpected, gut-punch moments evolved throughout your career?
  • - How do you pick yourself up after a hard moment and win the next one?
  • - How have you navigated peer relationships as you've climbed the ladder throughout your career?
  • - We talk so much about resource allocation... what do you need in your own life to be your very best?