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Professional Development From Theory To Practice With Berry College’s Angel Mason & Grambling State’s Trayvean Scott

Guest Angel Mason, Berry College; Trayvean Scott, Grambling State
25:02 min watch


Berry College (DIII) Director of Athletics Dr. Angel Mason and Grambling State Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics Dr. Trayvean Scott join Durham Sports Commission Executive Director Marcus Manning to share how they’ve transferred professional development experiences from programs such as the NCAA Pathways Program and the Dr. Charles Whitcomb Leadership Institute from theory to practice. Scott discusses the value of developing transparent and vulnerable communication habits to the “North, South and laterally with colleagues” while Mason speaks to the importance of finding an institution that “fits your why” and gives you space to grow as a leader. Mason also dives into the unique accountability relationships created through professional development opportunities and why its important to have peers who are facing challenges through a similar leadership lens.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - When you reflect on the NCAA professional development programs you've had the opportunity to participate in, how do you apply those leadership lessons today?
  • - Trayvean, how do you apply the leadership and development opportunities you've had in your role today?
  • - How do you apply your leadership style and skills to different groups within your department - 18-22-year-old student-athletes, experienced and inexperienced coaches and administrators, others within the campus community?
  • - What were some of your first thoughts when you first sat in the AD chair? Reflect on the loneliness of being a leader and some of the challenges you've experienced so far.
  • - Trayvean, what is one success Grambling State Athletics has had since you started from a leadership standpoint?