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Preserving Your Core While Evolving As A Leader: Wake Forest’s Ron Wellman

Guest Ron Wellman, Wake Forest
13:48 min watch


Ron Wellman, longtime Director of Athletics at Wake Forest, visits with AthleticDirectorU on the topic of success in consistency. Wellman emphasizes the importance of evolving while remaining consistent within the guiding principles of the organization. The discussion also touches on addressing complacency and the benefits of long time leadership across an entire campus.


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  • - How has consistency been key to high level success?
  • - Have your core values remained consistent and what are the values that allow for broad-based success in athletics?
  • - How do you stay relevant in the eyes of the Student-Athletes?
  • - How do you identify and avoid complacency?
  • - What is your process for addressing complacency?
  • - Do you believe people still understand the value of consistency?
  • - If you've had success with consistency, how do you know when it is time to change?
  • - How has your consistent leadership been a benefit to campus as a whole?
  • - How do you help the people around understand the value of the importance of evolving while being consistent?