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Athletic Director And Coach Fit: George Mason’s Brad Edwards & Dave Paulsen

Guest Brad Edwards & Dave Paulsen, George Mason
34:42 min watch


George Mason Director of Athletics, Brad Edwards and Men’s Basketball Coach, Dave Paulsen visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss fit between two of the highest profile positions within an athletics program. Both Paulsen and Edwards go into detail about the importance of communication, values, and standards of excellence when working together to build a successful organizational culture.


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  • - What were you looking for in a basketball coach? (Edwards)
  • - What attracted you to apply for the job? (Paulsen)
  • - How do you hold your respective teams/staffs accountable?
  • - What are the key characteristics of a great team?
  • - What is the most important thing Athletic Directors can do to support their coaches?
  • - How do you ensure the values of your program are aligned with the values of the athletics department as a whole?
  • - How do you create your own legacy while paying homage to those who have come before you? (Paulsen)
  • - What is your plan for succession if the coach moves on to another institution? (Edwards)
  • - How do you make the decision to leave an institution? (Paulsen)