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Non-Traditional Career Growth: San Francisco's McDermott

Guest Joan McDermott, University of San Francisco
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San Francisco Athletic Director, Joan McDermott, joined AthleticDirectorU’s Steph Garcia to discuss McDermott’s unique path to the chair. The pair broke down McDermott’s start in coaching, her jump to being a DII AD, the move to DI at her alma mater and much more.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Why did you make the leap from being a DII AD to the DI level?
  • - How did you deal with uncertainty of the jump to DI as well as not knowing if you would get the chair at San Francisco?
  • - There's something special about being back at your alma mater?
  • - Why did you jump from coaching to administration?
  • - Do you have any advice for someone trying to make a similar jump?
  • - How did you find your footing when you first became an AD?
  • - At what point as the AD at San Francisco did you think "ok I've got this."
  • - How crucial is alignment with the rest of campus?
  • - Should an AD be really good at one thing and "stay in that lane", or have broad based approach across entire dept?
  • - Advice to AD's (that don't have experience as a coach or athlete) in their dealings with coaches.
  • - Insight in to relationship with Todd Golden
  • - Do you set personal goals? Professional goals?
  • - Is the path you took to being a DI AD, still a viable one for people starting their careers?



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