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NCAA Hearing Operations With Naima Stevenson Starks

Guest Naima Stevenson Starks, NCAA
15:00 min watch


Naima Stevenson Starks, the NCAA’s new Vice President of Hearing Operations gives AthleticDirectorU an update on the position and the new enforcement structure. Stevenson Starks emphasizes that the new process is designed to accommodate certain types of cases rather than supplant the current enforcement structure. The conversation covers the use of independent members and answers the key question that people in the industry want to know, will the new structure speed up the enforcement process?


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  • - Walk us through your role as NCAA VP of Hearing Operations
  • - How were independent members selected and how did you handle any conflicts of interest?
  • - What is the training and onboarding process for advocates to help merge their professional world with the roles they are expected to fill?
  • - Will the new processes speed up the pace of adjudication and resolution?
  • - Was there ever any attempt to further the reach of the enforcement process in terms of subpoenas, etc?
  • - Are there metrics that can be measured in the future that will show that this process is better than previous iterations?
  • - What would you say to industry veterans about what this new process will look like?