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Navigating the Changing Landscape of Student-Athlete Care

Guest Natalie Honnen, Clemson; Mark Coberley, Iowa State
41:35 min watch


Clemson Executive Senior Associate AD Natalie Honnen and Iowa State Director of Sports Medicine & Associate AD Mark Coberley join Kitman Labs CEO Stephen Smith and ADU’s Steph Garcia Cichosz for a conversation about the changing landscape of student-athlete care. Mark and Natalie reflect on the impact of the NCAA Transformation Committee’s updated guidance on health and wellness requirements and discuss how NIL and the transfer portal play a role in the shifting needs and expectations of student-athletes. Stephen, Mark and Natalie discuss how these changing expectations have led to advancement in health and performance technology, including data portability and data aggregation.

In addition to sharing best practices for navigating the dynamic nature of intercollegiate athletics, Mark and Natalie also address how their organizations are breaking down silos in order to provide holistic care and developing robust medical systems that allow for effective data sharing between health and performance professionals.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - Stephen, why is student-athlete care such a hot topic for Kitman Labs right now?
  • - How would you compare and contrast what is needed today in order to properly care for student-athletes versus what we did even five years ago?
  • - Mark, what's the perspective for the Cyclones?
  • - Let's get into the nitty gritty - what are you and your departments doing to prepare (from a process, structure and tool standpoint) for the August 2024 implementation of the NCAA Transformation Committee's new guidelines for holistic student-athlete health and wellness?
  • - Stephen, at Kitman Labs you work with a variety of collegiate partners - what shifts are you seeing with respect to data?
  • - What is the dynamic with practitioners who aren't interested in data sharing or breaking down silos?
  • - What role does the portability of data and the breaking down of silos play in the transition of athletes from institution to institution?
  • - Natalie, tell us how NIL and the transfer portal are overlapping with all of this for Clemson.
  • - Stephen, from a big picture perspective, what best practices are you seeing from partner institutions with regards to the transfer portal?
  • - What's the impact of conference realignment on the broader topic of student-athlete care?
  • - How have your requirements for the technology that supports your vision for student-athlete health changed?
  • - Stephen, how does Kitman Labs keep all these considerations in mind as you develop the next iteration of technology for your collegiate partners?
  • - Ultimately, everything we're discuss comes together as part of a department's efforts to win championships - what are your secrets to success? What are some of those factors that have led to your department's success on the field?
  • - Natalie, what's the secret to success at Clemson?
  • - Stephen, is there anything else you've seen from other Kitman Lab partners in terms of elevating the student-athlete experience en route to championship success?
  • - Natalie and Mark, how are you juggling all these moving parts and giving your best to your department as a senior leader?
  • - What advice do you have for your fellow practitioners - both for those looking to be the next generation of senior leaders and those currently at lower resourced institutions?
  • - Stephen, what advice do you have for aspiring future leaders in this space or those at under-resourced programs?