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Navigating the Search Process: Bowling Green’s Moosbrugger & Holy Cross’ Pine

Guest Bob Moosbrugger, Bolwing Green; Nathan Pine, Holy Cross; Marianne Vydra, Oregon State
12:10 min watch


Bob Moosbrugger, AD at Bowling Green, Nathan Pine, AD at Holy Cross, and Marianne Vydra, Deputy AD for Administration/SWA at Oregon State, visit on ADU to discuss the ins and outs of the coaching search processes. The trio touch on areas such as creating a list of candidates, calling a candidate’s supervisor, and keeping an eye on those who were interviewed, but not hired. All three leaders emphasize the importance of communicating with colleagues while doing research on potential hires and much more.

  • - Creating a list of candidates
  • - Recruiting to the pool of candidates
  • - Philosophy on calling a candidate’s supervisor
  • - Recommending previous interviewees
  • - Keeping an eye on previous interviewees
  • - Wisdom on coaching searches