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Navigating Change Through The Tuckman Model With The Horizon League’s Julie Roe Lach

Guest Julie Roe Lach, Horizon League
16:47 min watch


Horizon League Commissioner Julie Roe Lach and ADU’s Tai M. Brown sit down at the 2023 NCAA Convention to analyze industry changes, the Transformation Committee recommendations and governance structures through the context of the Tuckman Model of “storming, forming, norming, performing.” Roe Lach uses the model to contextualize changes to the NCAA’s governance model beginning with its move from Kansas City to Indianapolis in 1999 and its decision to shift from “one institution, one vote” to weighted voting nearly a decade ago before sharing how she utilizes the model at the conference level and talking about how the pandemic transformed organizational design at all levels in the industry.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - What are your thoughts on the bigger picture in college athletics regarding leadership and where we're headed as an industry?
  • - Through the context of this model, how can we get in front of impending change when we're working through challenges in real time? Is it possible to get to the "performing" stage in our industry?
  • - Is the Transformation Committee an exercise in the "forming" stage?
  • - How do we navigate the transition from "norming" and "performing" through the internal changes made to the NCAA's governance structure 10-12 years ago with the "storming" and "forming" based on new external changes we're facing today? 
  • - Is the reality of the NCAA's governance structure catching up to the public perception of how decisions are made?
  • - How does this pace of change in our governance structure compare to the pace of change of the governance model at the federal government level?
  • - How have you implemented the Tuckman Model at the conference level over your time as Commissioner?