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Navigating Change As A Conference Executive With The Ivy League’s Robin Harris & Patriot League’s Jennifer Heppel

Guest Robin Harris, Ivy League; Jennifer Heppel, Patriot League
20:52 min watch


Ivy League Executive Director Robin Harris and Patriot League Commissioner Jennifer Heppel sit down with Atlantic Hockey Association/College Hockey America Commissioner Michelle Morgan to discuss their approach to navigating the industry’s changing landscape from the conference perspective, including how they collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to develop policies that balance the priorities of each league member. Harris and Heppel also discuss their experiences with media rights negotiations and how they’re positioning their conferences to address the evolving requirements of Division I membership.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic).

  • - How do you serve the wide range of stakeholders you interact with as a conference executive while still serving the people on your team?
  • - Jen, anything you'd like to add?
  • - How do you lead through times of change? How do you ground yourself and keep yourself centered?
  • - How do you continue to keep your foot on the gas and push the envelope to keep your leagues ahead of the curve?
  • - What keeps you up at night related to the future of our industry?
  • - What advice do you have for someone entering this industry from the lens of the change we're currently going through?
  • - If you could summarize leadership in 1-2 words, what would they be?