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Married To College Athletics: Portia Hoeg of Centennial Conference & Josh Hoeg of Stevenson University

Guest Portia Hoeg, Centennial Conference, Josh Hoeg, Stevenson University
21:58 min watch


The dynamics of a family where both husband and wife working college athletics can be interesting. The Hoeg family, Portia of the Centennial Conference and Josh of Stevenson University, visited AthleticDirectorU to discuss those intricate dynamics. Moderated by Glenn Caruso of University of St Thomas (MN), the conversation covers the challenges of time management, maintaining personal identities, external and internal criticism, and advice to their younger selves.


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  • - What are some of the special dynamics you face with both of you in college athletics?
  • - What are some the challenges you deal with regularly?
  • - How have you managed career progress for both husband and wife?
  • - Are there specific examples of hurdles you face?
  • - How do you handle outside criticism of your respective positions?
  • - When times are tough, what are the largest stressors as a father and coach? (Josh)
  • - As an AD, how do you put aside leading the department to focus on the family matters? (Portia)
  • - How do you retain your personal identities amidst the demands of both of your professional roles?
  • - Are there times where you two have different opinions on each others professional decisions?
  • - If you could go back to your younger self, what advice would you provide?