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Measuring Head Coach Performance: Niagara’s Gray, Chattanooga’s Wharton & Campbell’s Roller

Guest Bob Roller, Campbell University; Mark Wharton, Tennessee-Chattanooga; Simon Gray, Niagara University
11:32 min watch


Bob Roller, AD at Campbell, joins peers Mark Wharton of UT Chattanooga and Simon Gray of Niagara to discuss the intricacies of measuring head coach performance. All three emphasize the importance of ongoing evaluations and clearly communicating expectations. The conversation includes thoughts on who should be included in a potential termination decision and how mid-major contracts can be efffectively structured.


  • - How many people do you include in the conversation to discuss a potential termination?
  • - What is your strategy when a termination may be necessary?
  • - Do you speak to coaches throughout the year in addition to their annual review?
  • - How do you handle going into a potential bad season?
  • - What goes through an AD's mind when the termination discussion is imminent?
  • - How does being at a mid-major influence the way you structure contracts?
  • - Do you work with university counsel in addition to HR for hiring and/or terminations?
  • - Best advice in the area of termination