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Managing The Human Element: Eastern Michigan’s Wetherbee & San Jose State’s Tuite

Guest Marie Tuite, San Jose State; Scott Wetherbee, Eastern Michigan
18:09 min watch


Marie Tuite, AD at San Jose State University, and Scott Wetherbee, AD at Eastern Michigan University visit with ADU to discuss how they manage different personalities. The conversation begins with a review of their respective communication styles according to the constituency group and continues by covering topics ranging from managing clashing personalities, meeting management, as well as speaking to coaches as a group compared to one-on-one settings. The overall discussion covers arguably one of the most important roles of a leader – managing the human element.

  • - Does your communication style change with different constituencies?
  • - How do you handle clashing personalities amongst staff?
  • - Managing group dynamics issues
  • - Handling Parents & Donors
  • - Managing 1s, 2s, 3s, & 4s (stakeholders)
  • - Managing the changing external communications landscape